At pomi, we believe that insurance should always provide value to the organizations who purchase our policies. Our team also knows that helping our brokers and agents grow their businesses and strengthen relationships with their customers by providing top quality insurance services is important. Let’s look at 4 potential benefits of representing pomi to your clients that may put you in a unique position in the insurance marketplace.  

Perform like a pro and save more time with less hassles
pomi prides itself on being fast.  In three minutes or less, you can quote and bind group accident policies right on the spot.  Aren't you tired of the waiting? 
Prepare your clients and strengthen your relationships
Clients appreciate brokers and agents who "get it".  Show them you care by providing more than just the basics.  Adding a pomi supplemental policy can help give them peace of mind.
Present a valuable extra layer of coverage clients can appreciate
Adding a reasonable pomi policy to your clients coverage is always a smart idea.  A little more upfront can really take the stress off if an accident occurs.
Protect clients from general liability premium hikes and lawsuits
No one likes to be caught off guard.  Help your clients avoid potential hefty expenses.  Accidents happen - so make sure your clients don't make a costly mistake.
Provide revenue streams for your organization
As an agent, you're looking to bind as many policies as quickly as you can - and get on with your day.  By taking three minutes to quote a pomi policy for every one of your clients, you're earning commission faster than ever before. 

Unleash the power of pomi

Bind most policies in under three minutes. That's less time than it takes to make your morning cup of coffee. Our modern technology means you can DIY your own policies on your schedule. We put you in the driver's seat with our pomi portal. 24/7 access means you control the process.


More complex clients?  We got that, too.  Reach out and talk to a real human (we call him George).  We can help you customize options to fit any need.  No matter what type of accident policy you're looking for, pomi can help.  


Ready to jump right in?  Awesome.  If you're licensed to sell group accident insurance, start your appointment process here.  We'll have you set up and ready in no time.  


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Click. Quote. Covered.

We know you're balancing a lot! So pomi set out to simplify the process so you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders; plus your clients get affordable protection. Find your client’s business category below to start the quote process.  Need a log in? Request one here.

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