Why Worker's Comp and Group Accident Insurance Go Hand in Hand

How much insurance does a business need? We get that question a lot. Worker’s compensation helps protect your employees, but your organization can add further benefit to clients and customers by adding group accident coverage.

A group accident policy can help support your business's clients and volunteers, while worker's compensation is there to help your employees. Together it's a powerful combination—protection for your employees and peace of mind for clients, customers, and families.

What is Worker's Compensation

Most states require business owners to have worker's compensation insurance. This coverage helps protect businesses and employees. In the case of a workplace accident, worker's compensation will cover an employee's medical expenses and other costs. If wages are lost, a portion may be compensated too. 

What is Group Accident Insurance?

Group accident insurance supports those associated with your business in the case of an accident or illness. For example, you run a daycare, and your employees are covered through workman's comp and other policies. Group accident insurance will support your daycare volunteers, chaperones, and children.

Group accident insurance is an additional way to protect your businesses' volunteers, attendees, and participants, from accidents and illness.

What Does Group Accident Insurance Cover?

If an accident or illness occurs, group accident insurance is there to help cover costs for your business' client, customers, and even volunteers. Group accident  insurance can be additional financial support, even if there is a traditional health insurance policy in place. A group accident policy will pay regardless of circumstances' or fault, providing more "peace of mind."

Some of the types of services that group accident insurance can cover include:

  • Medical equipment
  • Casts + braces
  • Diagnostics + lab tests
  • Emergency Room visits
  • Other services

Who Does Group Accident Insurance Cover?

Group accident insurance covers illnesses and injuries that traditional insurance might miss. Everyone is protected with a group accident policy, from athletes to volunteers; we've got you covered.

  • Athletes
  • Fans
  • Coaches
  • Volunteers
  • Chaperones
  • Students
  • Members
  • Participants

Why Do I Need Both Types of Coverage?

Worker's comp is there to help protect your employees. Group accident insurance helps protect the people that support your business. If an accident or illness occurs, group coverage helps cover costs for your client, customer, volunteers, and chaperones. Group accident coverage can help cover out-of-pocket medical expenses. Plus, it makes good business sense.

Peace of Mind with POMI

At POMI, we're dedicated to helping clients find suitable protection for their business. And if you ever have a client with challenging requirements, POMI's policy experts will help you create a well-suited package.

Send us a message, schedule a zoom chat on our contact page, or email us at [email protected], and get started finding the right coverage today!


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