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Peace of mind

3.5 million kids are injured every year playing sports.

That’s why pomi offers “peace of mind” protection

so you’re prepared and better protected.

3.5 million kids are injuredevery year playing sports.
That’s why pomi offers “peace of mind”protection
so you’re preparedand better protected.
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Youth sports & athlete insurance

Coverage as low as $25

Yep, you read that right! For a price cheaper than most gear or post-game snacks, you can add pomi accident coverage to your defensive lineup.

How does it work? Well, pomi complements your primary health insurance. We help cover what it doesn’t when it comes to sports related injuries, helping to ensure that you are not stuck with out of pocket medical expenses.

*pricing based off sport, length of participation, age, gender and state of residence
could cover an entire season

Get covered in 3 minutes or less

Help protect your players in just about the same amount of time it takes them to run a warm-up lap. Now that’s fast! 

Get covered for sports camps, practices, games, tournaments, full sports seasons or up to six months at a time!   


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yep pomi covers that!

Yep, pomi covers that!

Hey accidents happen – especially in sports! Whether your child is the next pro-football QB, olympic athlete or more the butterfly chaser type, they all can be at risk for injury. We cover a huge range of sports so, no matter what they’re in to, chances are, we can help keep them protected. 

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Time out! Let’s do the math!

Let’s say little Petey breaks his foot during a game.
Total medical expenses are $10K. Primary health insurance covers $6K, but that still leaves you $4K out of pocket. (Yuck!)

With pomi, we'd help cover those costs! That's why it pays to pomi!* So make sure you add it to your game plan!

*The claim scenario in this material is provided to illustrate a possible exposure you may face. The facts of any situation which may actually arise, and the terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations in any policy in effect at that time, are unique.  Thus, no representation is made that any specific insurance coverage applies to the mentioned claim scenario.

Coach P time out

Let’s hear it from pomi parents

Tom B.

This is gonna be a gamechanger for my family! All of my kids play sports, so it’s great to have something to help us be more prepared for a sports injury.

Alicia K.

My daughter broke her foot last soccer season. It cost us a lot of money even after our primary health insurance paid some. This really could have saved us but now, we can be ready for next season!

Tracey D.

It’s nice to know I have some added protection in case an injury happens to one of my kids. It’s reasonably priced and makes me worry a little less. Sports are stressful enough!

Emily G.

Love the fact that I can sign up in minutes – so fast and easy.  A great solution for crazy busy sports parents out there.

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