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pomi in your back pocket means ZERO out-of-pocket expenses!

Individual youth soccer insurance

Make pomi your defense against unexpected expenses!

Whether they’ve been playing for years or just starting out, a pomi policy complements your primary health insurance with added protection specifically for soccer related injuries.


Let’s break down the game plan to help save you big!

Meet Carlos,
a 16-year old all star forward
Carlos tries to dodge his opponent and badly sprained his knee. Even though rest and ice is recommended, the doctor bills can pile up.

  pomi benefits



Pomi Image

Total medical expenses: $1,800

Total covered by primary

health insurance: $1,000


Amount you could owe

without pomi: $800


Amount you could owe

with pomi: $0

*The claim scenario in this material is provided to illustrate a possible exposure you may face. The facts of any situation which may actually arise, and the terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations in any policy in effect at that time, are unique.  Thus, no representation is made that any specific insurance coverage applies to the mentioned claim scenario.

Hey, soccer accidents happen!

Get pomi on your team, peace of mind protection could be a real game changer.


of soccer teams will face concussions this season



of female teams will face injury this season


What type of soccer injuries does pomi cover?

Glad you asked! We offer comprehensive protection against medical and dental injuries. Here are some of the most common soccer related injuries that we cover.











For as low as $25*, it pays to pomi!

You pay that much just for the team snacks – not to mention all the equipment. You’d do anything to help keep them safe, make sure pomi is on your checklist this season.

*starting price


You’ve got questions, we have answers

This is the main heading of the FQA. Please add your Question and Answer below

This is the main heading of the FQA. Please add your Question and Answer below

Why does my child need soccer accident insurance if I already have health insurance?

Most primary health insurance doesn’t cover 100% of your medical costs so usually, you’re left paying out of pocket when accidents happen. With pomi, we help pay for what health insurance doesn’t cover so you don’t have to worry about facing an unexpected financial hardship. Get started today. 

How much does soccer accident insurance cost?

Our average policy is about $25 a season but can vary based on sport, age and season length. Protect your child for a sports camp, weekend tournament, or all season long. It’s reasonably priced peace of mind protection.

What type of injuries does soccer accident insurance cover?

We can help cover costs associated with the most common types of sports injuries. From concussions to broken bones, sprains to strains and even dental.

When is my child covered with soccer accident insurance?

Our accident insurance covers organized sports activities including games, practices, tournaments, and sports camps.  Whether they’re playing at home or away (within the United States only), your athlete will be covered.

What if my child plays for multiple soccer teams?

Travel team and the high school team? No problem. We can help cover your child with accident insurance for both. Simply book another policy in just a few minutes (enhancement coming soon!)

What if my child plays multiple sports?

That’s awesome! At pomi, we can cover your child if they play multiple sports – like cheerleading and soccer for example. Just add another policy in just a few minutes (we’re working on an enhancement to make this even easier in the future with one transaction).

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