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We’ve been living and breathing insurance for over 150 years through our parent company, Great American Insurance Company, and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. We found that, above all, we’re all just looking for a little peace of mind (insurance). And with that, pomi was born. Relive our journey that lead to insurance made simple, easy and awesome.

  • Pomi history and timeline
    JANUARY, 2015 It starts with an idea
    And just like that a new accident & health division is born at Great American Insurance Company to provide comprehensive protection to community businesses. 
  • hand writing with pencil
    July, 2015 Quickly sprung into action
    Our first A&H policy was written. Doesn’t life just seem to fly by sometimes? In the blink of an eye, we were already writing insurance policies.
  • two hands typing on phone
    April, 2019 Our tech transformation
    Our digital transformation was underway. We rolled up our sleeves and began assembling the team and the technology needed to bring A&H to the modern world.
  • man with a pomi logo bag
    March, 2020 Our new identity was born
    We listened and asked plenty of questions. After focus groups and plenty of research, we got busy developing a brand that truly represents everything we're all about - and everything our customers expect. Simple, easy, awesome.
  • man looking at screen
    May, 2020 First bound digital policy
    A new identity needs a platform of its own. We got to work building out the pomi foundation, with our first policy officially bound on the pomi portal.
  • white cake with sprinkles
    September, 2020 Official pomi launch
    All our hard work finally paid off and our shiny new pomi website and portal was ready for action. 2020 was filled with twists and turns, but pomi's official launch gave us all something to celebrate!  

Three cheers for the pomi team!

Get to know our hardworking team bringing pomi to the people. 
  • Jim Slate

    Jim Slate

    Divisional President

    Hometown: Richmond, VA
    Favorite Sport: Squash
    Favorite Team: Wake Forest
    Worst Injury: Torn achilles tendon

    Favorite Cake: Chocolate

    Phone: 540-222-6361

  • Luke Hilty

    Luke Hilty

    Divisional Senior Vice President, Finance

    Hometown: None, papa was a rolling stone
    Favorite Hobby: Traveling
    Favorite Team: All teams insured by Pomi
    Worst Injury: Where do I begin…

    Favorite Cake: Parmesan Basil Tomato

    Phone: 949-230-9979

  • Alberto Fajardo

    Alberto Fajardo

    Divisional Senior Vice President, Underwriting

    Hometown: Chicago, IL
    Favorite Sport: Baseball
    Favorite Team: Chicago White Sox
    Worst Injury: Hit by a car

    Favorite Cake:  Vanilla

    Phone:  661-505-8399

  • Monday Clements

    Monday Clements

    Underwriting Specialist

    Hometown: Visalia, CA
    Favorite Sport: Baseball
    Favorite Team: San Francisco Giants
    Worst Injury: Sprained ankle

    Favorite Cake: Strawberry Cheesecake

    Phone: 714-451-5524

  • Steve Mikano

    Steve Mikano

    Vice President, Claims

    Hometown: Many places! (Father was an expat for a company)
    Favorite Hobby: Fixing things (Cars, House, anything that’s broken!)
    Favorite Team: Houston Astros
    Worst Injury: Broken Finger due to an amazing save during volleyball

    Favorite Cake: Chocolate

    Phone:  713-703-6054

  • George Wilson

    George Wilson

    Director, Broker Relations & Business Development

    Hometown: London, England
    (can’t you tell by the accent)
    Favorite Sport: Anything but Cricket
    Favorite Team: Baylor University
    Worst Injury: 4 broken noses

    Favorite Cake: Chocolate

    Phone:  469-346-8361

  • Chris Reagor

    Chris Reagor

    Manager, IT & Platform Product

    Hometown: Falmouth, KY
    Favorite Sport: Soccer
    Favorite Team: US Women's soccer team
    Worst Injury: Eye injury from a toy helicopter

    Favorite Cake: Cheesecake

    Phone: 859-240-2943

  • Kelly Clore

    Kelly Clore

    Director, Brand & Marketing

    Hometown: Tampa, FL
    Favorite Sport: Baseball
    Favorite Team: University of Florida Gators, Tampa Bay Rays
    Worst Injury: Concussion from an epic game of hide & seek

    Favorite Cake: Vanilla

    Phone:  813-233-6991

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