How to Help Prevent Injuries in Volleyball for Travel Leagues and Schools

Volleyball is a favorite sport across the country; from high-level travel leagues to school-age children, we love to Serve – Set – Spike. The rules are easy to follow, and it’s a sport that can be modified for people with disabilities and those with limited mobility. But, like all sports, even when we play it safe, there is a risk of injury.

As business owners, coaches and parents, we can take steps to reduce the chance of injury for those who play volleyball, no matter the age or ability.

Common Volleyball Injuries

Beach and court volleyball players have similar injuries even though they are played on different surfaces. Injuries can be classified into two areas: overuse (chronic) or traumatic injuries (acute) that happen suddenly, such as shoulder dislocation or wrist sprain. Overuse injuries result from stresses on certain areas of the body that show up over time. If not treated early, these issues can create bigger problems down the road. Some of the most common volleyball injuries occur to the:

  • Knee
  • Wrist and hand
  • Ankle
  • Shoulder
  • Lower back

Concussions are, unfortunately, very common and can happen at any level. Concussions can occur from bumping heads with team members, hitting poles, or getting hit with a ball. High-level school and travel league games are intense. Players can hit the ball with a lot of force.

Wrist Injuries in Volleyball

Wrist and hand injuries in volleyball can occur traumatically and suddenly. Wrist injuries in volleyball can happen due to a forceful impact, like diving onto a hard court. In beach volleyball, sand might seem soft, but wrists can take a pounding on this surface. Trauma to fingers is common from blocking, setting, or contact with players.

How to Help Prevent Injuries in Volleyball

Injuries from overuse are more common than the traumatic kind. A few tips can help you, and team members stay injury-free.

  • Get a physical before joining a league or team.
  • Know the rules of the game.
  • Stretch and warm up properly before practice and games.
  • Engage in cardiovascular fitness and core strength.
  • Cut down on overuse by resting in between practices and matches.
  • Use good equipment, shoes, and padding.
  • Nip bad habits quickly. Talk with a coach to learn good mechanics.
  • Get proper treatment for any injury no matter how minor.
  • Allow the body to heal in the proper amount of time.

Time Out for pomi

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