Hey accidents happen!

Did you know millions of kids are injured every year playing sports? And even with health insurance, those medical bills can add up fast. With pomi, you can be better protected and prepared when injury strikes.

Play it Safe. Play with pomi.

Meet Patrick,

a JV high-school football player

Claim football
Patrick is the star QB but during a blindside sack, he hit the ground hard and suffered a concussion. CT scans and examinations added up fast! Whether his parents have a pomi individual accident policy – or – his team has a pomi group accident policy – we can help cover the cost of the medical and dental bills. And that can be a big game changer to his parents (and the coaches).

pomi benefits



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Total medical expenses: $7,000

Total covered by primary

health insurance: $4,000


Amount you could owe

without pomi: $3,000


Amount you could owe

with pomi: $0

*The claim scenario in this material is provided to illustrate a possible exposure you may face. The facts of any situation which may actually arise, and the terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations in any policy in effect at that time, are unique.  Thus, no representation is made that any specific insurance coverage applies to the mentioned claim scenario.

Youth sports accident coverage

Add a pomi accident policy to your defensive lineup. Get covered for practically any sport! Choose the length of your policy from a week-long camp, tournament, or a full season! Customized options available for team coverage.
What are the coverages and limits for individuals?
– Accidental Medical  up to $10,000
– Accidental Dental  up to $5,000
– Accidental Death and Dismemberment
up to $5,000
What are the coverages and limits for teams?
– Accidental Medical  customizable
– Accidental Dental  customizable
– Accidental Death and Dismemberment  customizable

Coverage for common sports injuries

From concussions to ACL tears, broken bones to sprains and even dental damage, there’s a lot that can
go wrong in sports. A pomi accident policy can help cover the medical costs associated with
sports injuries. Get help paying for things like doctor visits, surgeries, X-Rays, rehab and more.