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  1. Small Business Risk
  2. #1 Cause of Major Injuries
  3. Children visiting ER for an unintentional injury.
  4. Yearly sports related ER visits annually.

Youth Sports: 

  1. Stats by sport
  2. Stats by sport 2
  3. Player injuries
  4. Injuries occur at practices

Collegiate Activities:

  1. 353,088 annual ER visits for sports injuries were made by college age patients
  2. 64% of concussions on campus are not sports related
  3. Injuries occur at practices

K-12 Schools:

  1. Approximately 10‐25% of child and adolescent injuries occur at school.
  2. An estimated 2.2 million children ages 14 and under sustain school-related injuries each year
  3. The total annual cost of school-related injuries to children ages 14 and under exceeds $109 billion.
  4. School bus-related injuries alone account for $29.8 million in medical costs.

Child Care:

  1. Approximately 13,000 playground equipment-related injuries occur on school playgrounds during school hours.
  2. ALMOST 100,000 injuries every year from nursery equipment.
  3. Each year in the United States, emergency departments (EDs) treat more than 200,000 children ages 14 and younger for playground-related injuries
  4. More than 20,000 of these children are treated for a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Non Profits:

  1. 77.4 million Americans volunteer yearly
  2. 6.9 billion volunteer hours served yearly
  3. 540 injuries happen every hour at businesses & organizations
  4. Half of nonprofits have less than one month of operating reserves and less than six months of cash to help out financially should a serious injury occur.

After School Activities:

  1. 128,400 children were treated in ER for martial arts related injuries
  2. 82% of dangers had suffered between one and seven injuries
  3. Cooking fires caused nearly 3500 injuries yearly
  4. Almost 50K injuries every year from horseback riding

Health + Fitness:

  1. The U.S. health club industry serves 71.5 million consumers
  2. EVERY YEAR, 1500 people were treated in the emergency room after being injured on equipment at gyms.
  3. More than 526,000 people end up in the emergency room each year with injuries caused by exercise equipment. Of those, more than 43,000 are critically or fatally injured.
  4. At least half of all runners get hurt every year


  1. Falls was the leading cause of nonfatal injury for all age groups less than 15.
  2. ages 0 to 9, the next two leading causes were being struck by or against an object and animal bites or insect stings.
  3. #2 leading cause of death at camps: drowning
  4. Treating burns



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