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At pomi, we believe that insurance should always provide value to the organizations who purchase our policies. Our team also knows that helping our broker and agents grow their businesses and strengthen relationships with their customers by providing top quality insurance services is important.

While we spend a lot of time discussing why having a Group Accident policy is so important for schools and colleges, youth camps, gyms, sports organizations, dance studios, daycare centers, yoga studios, and many other businesses, we also want to highlight to our brokers and agents why offering these policies can be beneficial to them as well.

Let’s look at 4 possible  benefits of representing POMI to your clients that may put you in a unique position in the insurance marketplace.

Provide You with a Valuable Insurance Product Solution

Group Accident insurance fills a gap that most organizations are not even aware exists. Because these policies may provide an additional layer of financial protection against claims arising out of injuries to students, members, athletes, fans, volunteers or participants, they minimize the chance of having to pay costly sums of money out of pocket for occurrences that happen at events or on premises.

Group Accident policies can also decrease the possibility of legal action being taken against an organization for injuries related to a sponsored activity or event.

Any broker or agent that provides this kind of financial protection to a client’s organization will be seen as an advocate and partner in their strategic business planning and success.

Increase Agent/Broker Revenue

As an additional insurance product available to offer to your clients, Group Accident policies not only provide great value to them, but they also add additional revenue to your organization.

Helps Build & Maintain Client Relationships

Offering your clients such an important policy as Group Accident insurance demonstrates that you understand their needs and potential financial liabilities that they face on a daily basis.

Showing concern for their best interests, as well as your expertise in the marketplace may strengthen your relationship with them, which helps form long term business partnerships. It also minimizes the chance of any competition exerting influence on your clients.

Assist in Establishing New Client Connections

Often an agent or broker who is trying to grow their business is not able to offer their services to a specific organization because of a long-standing relationship with another insurance professional. Introducing the concept of Group Accident insurance to a prospective client is a great way to begin a new business relationship, which has the potential to lead to other opportunities down the road.

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