9 Habits of Highly Effective Team Players

9 Habits of Highly Effective Team Players

Being a good teammate means more than just playing well on the field or contributing to the score. It’s the intangibles coaches are constantly referring to. It’s about having character, grit, and grace and showing up for one another when it matters. Here are several ways to be a highly effective teammate:

1. Communicate:

Good teammates communicate openly and honestly with each other and their coach. They express their needs and ideas clearly and listen to others’ thoughts, concerns, and feedback.

2. Support each other:

They offer encouragement and motivation when things get tough. Instead of calling teammates out, they call them up.

3. Reliable:

Good teammates are dependable and trustworthy. They show up on time for games and practices and follow through on their commitments to the team.

4. Accept feedback:

Good teammates are open to feedback and constructive criticism. They take criticism gracefully, learn from their mistakes, and use feedback to improve their performance.

5. Stay positive:

Good teammates maintain a positive attitude, even when things aren’t going well. They try to find the good in every situation and help diffuse tense situations.

6. Work hard:

Good teammates push themselves in practice and games and lead by example. They work on improving their skills outside of practice time and encourage others to do so. They aren’t afraid of not looking cool or of being called a ‘try hard.’ They relish in the work.

7. Celebrate successes:

Good teammates celebrate their accomplishments as a team. They don’t take all the credit for themselves but acknowledge the important contributions of their fellow players.

8. Manage conflicts:

Conflicts are bound to happen on a team, but good teammates work to resolve them respectfully and positively. They avoid getting personal and work towards finding a solution that benefits the team.

9. Humility:

They don’t make it all about them. They are generous with their words and actions. They put the team’s goals above their own. They aren’t driven by attention and accolades; they have a growth mindset.

Being a good teammate is not just about playing well but also about contributing positively to the team’s dynamic. By communicating, supporting, and being part of the solution, not the problem, everyone on the team can come together to achieve great things.

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