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pomi covers businesses, groups and organizations with accident and health coverage.  Face it, accidents can happen.  Make sure you keep your most valuable assets protected. 

We provide reasonable coverage for all types of industries including daycares, schools, colleges and universities, health clubs and gyms, after school activities, camps, non profits and youth sports. 

From baseball teams, to boy scouts, animal shelters to yoga studios and everything in between, pomi's here to help make sure your participants and volunteers are protected.  We cover medical costs in the event of an accident for your volunteers, students, athletes, spectators, coaches, referees, counselors, trainers, and more.  


  • Accidental Medical
  • Accidental Dental
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Paralysis
  • Catastrophic Cash


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It's no picnic to find out the coverage you thought you had, doesn't exist. Our accident and health insurance provides supplemental coverage to boost your general liability plan. Who do we cover? We're glad you asked!

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Hey, accidents happen!

That's why businesses need more than just liability coverage. Here's where you come in!
Help your clients understand the importance of A&H coverage with pomi. Affordable protection now. Less headaches later.


of small businesses recognize they are exposed to risk in multiple areas

#1 cause

of major injuries is slips, trips and falls

9.2 million

children per year visit the ER for an unintentional injury


is spent on sports related emergency room visits every year

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When it comes to your business, we know you have plenty of work to do. With pomi, we want you to feel like a weight is lifted!
So we work closely with our brokers to ensure only the smoothest, simplest, quality experience you deserve!

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Last minute insurance needs? That's our specialty. We act quickly to get you covered and back on top.

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Fast and efficiency go together here at pomi. We built our systems simply so you can get back to business.

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We're always in your court! That's why we work closely with your broker to customize your insurance needs.