Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Sports Insurance for Soccer

Are you concerned about injuries to athletes and volunteers at your soccer events? Buying sports insurance for soccer is invaluable. It helps ensure your organization’s financial protection from accidents and lawsuits.

Let’s face it: injuries will happen regardless of your team’s skill level. In fact, there were 144,895 reported soccer injuries in the US in 2021.

Treatment of the injuries and damages means a lot of money. Sports accident insurance for soccer assists your organization to mitigate some of the costs.

Your organization can benefit from protection while participating in sports events. A group accident insurance plan helps prepare for many contingencies, including accidents and potential lawsuits.

Continue reading to learn some common mistakes to avoid when buying group sports accident insurance for soccer.

Not Buying All the Policies You Can

What would you like to have covered? You can make purchases based on the specific organizational requirements.

There are different policies, including accident, general liability, and even equipment insurance to consider. These policies offer protection to your organization in many different areas that are important to cover.

Accident insurance can help cover medical bills for injured players.  Let’s say someone is injured playing on the field, and they go to the doctor and incur medical bills.  That person will most likely want to be reimbursed for those costs related to the injury and will come seeking payment.  If you have an accident policy, those medical costs are covered and the issue is considered “no fault”.  The player is made whole and is usually pleased with the experience.  Without accident insurance, you are left with two options: pay the medical bills out of your own pocket or file a claim against your general liability policy.  Either way, it will be costly. The player could even decide to file suit which would mean even more expense to your organization.

Accidents can happen, even to volunteers or participants. Some of them, even though avoidable, might happen, and you can choose to be ready for such situations.

Negligence to the facts can lead to more exposure to more risks that can damage the organization. Therefore, it’s a good idea to purchase group accident insurance for soccer to get covered.

Purchasing Inadequate Accident and General Liability Insurance

How much accident insurance is enough for your organization?

People make mistakes by trying to have the lowest premiums possible, which means less coverage. It can translate into inadequate coverage, which may not cover you fully.

Choose your accident and general liability insurance coverage based on the policy limits and the number of volunteers and participants you have to help make sure everyone is protected. Pomi’s coverage is reasonably priced so paying a little extra up front can help save you down the road.

Avoid the Above Mistakes When Buying Sports Insurance for Soccer

Sports accident insurance can help protect everyone involved in a sporting event. It’s important that you avoid the above mistakes when purchasing sports insurance for soccer. Great sports accident insurance can help shield you from financial loss in accidents.

Are you searching for an insurance company that offers group sports coverage?  Pomi’s got you covered. We offer group accident insurance to provide comprehensive protection to community businesses and organizations. Making insurance simple, easy, and awesome is our focus.

Contact us today.

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