How Schools Benefit From A Group Accident Insurance Policy

Many K-12 school districts across the country utilize group accident insurance policies. This type of insurance provides coverage in the case of an injury to students, chaperones, and other volunteers that help educators, teachers, and staff during school activities, sporting events, and other school related occasions.

Can K-12 Schools Benefit from Group Accident Insurance?

One important way schools benefit from group accident insurance is that it adds another layer of financial protection against liability expenses that can arise from injuries for which they can be held responsible.   The expense and potential threat of legal action against a school is a real possibility. Group Accident Insurance helps protect schools against these types of issues.

Parents and students can also benefit from group accident insurance. This type of policy provides a financial benefit to families to cover any additional costs associated with a school-related injury. This is especially helpful for families that may not have major medical coverage, or would incur unexpected expenses as the result of an accident.

Who is Covered under Group Accident Insurance?

  • Students

  • Volunteers

  • Chaperones

It is important to note that teachers, educators, and staff are not covered through group accident insurance. They are generally provided benefits under their school district’s health insurance plan or workers compensation program.

Accident insurance isn’t just only available to public schools. Other types of organizations can purchase the policy, such as:

  • Private schools

  • Charter schools

  • Athletic departments

  • Preschools

  • Licensed daycares

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • Religious establishments

  • Clinics

What’s Covered in Group Accident Insurance for Schools?

A group accident insurance policy provides a financial benefit for specific injuries obtained while on school grounds or at a school event. These include:

  • Slips, trips, falls

  • Cuts and contusions

  • Broken bones

  • Sprains

  • Fractures and dislocations

  • Burns

  • Other injuries

Where Does Group Accident Insurance Protect People?

Group accident insurance provides protection far beyond the school campus.

Additional locations of coverage include:

  • Playgrounds

  • After school time

  • Travel to and from events

  • Field trips

  • School sports

  • Clubs and activities

  • Other school related events

A Client Offering for Agents and Brokers

If you are an insurance agent or broker with clients in the fields of K-12 Schools, Child Care, Non Profits, Kids’ Camps, Youth Sports, or Health and Fitness clubs, group accident insurance from Pomi is a great way for them to reduce their potential liability costs. In addition, this type of coverage allows your clients to provide financial protection to certain members of the population they serve.

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