Which Industries Can Benefit From Group Accident Insurance?

Group accident insurance is a policy that provides financial coverage to students, athletes, fans, volunteers, event participants, and others for expenses incurred due to accidental injuries. This type of policy is an extra layer of protection and pays regardless of fault. Most people believe that if a person is injured while at a business, work, school, or an event, any medical expenses would be covered by the liability or workers’ compensation insurance of the organization. This might be accurate in some cases, but not all. You may not be as covered as you think if you only have a general liability insurance policy.

There are many different industries that can benefit from having a group accident insurance policy.

Youth sports, from football to soccer to volleyball and more, are popular and bigger than ever. They provide an organized structure for youths to learn about the sport, stay active, engage socially, and develop confidence and leadership skills. As with any sport, though, there are injuries. Whether it’s to the youth athlete, cheerleader, spectators, or others, accidents happen and with accidents come injuries. Most youth sports teams may not even know where their coverage starts and ends – or if they even have coverage! At pomi, we create customized insurance solutions for group sponsored activities to help cover patient costs in the event of an accident. So, if a player gets injured – breaks a bone, gets a sprained ankle or a concussion – they will be covered for their injuries. Group accident insurance coverage goes beyond players to cover coaches, volunteers, fans, and other participants as well. Youth sports benefit because any hospital stays, ER visits, diagnostic tests & labs, along with crutches, casts, and braces are all covered under this policy. In addition, the coverage includes practices, games, and tournaments, along with transportation to and from any of these events.

Another sector that can benefit greatly from group accident insurance is non-profits. For volunteers giving their time to pet shelters, food pantries, and community kitchens, group accident insurance can cover accidents like slips, trips, falls, animal bites, cuts, contusions, sprains, and broken bones. If there are hospital stays, emergency room visits, crutches, casts, braces, diagnostics, tests & labs – and the injuries occur on the premise, at community events, fairs, shows, and more, along with travel to and from – group accident insurance is a great choice for many non-profits.

Group accident insurance not only benefits non-profits and youth sports, but it’s also very beneficial for:

  • K-12 Schools (students, chaperones, volunteers)
  • Child Care (children, chaperones, volunteers, participants)
  • After School (participants, children, volunteers)
  • Kids Camps (day and overnight campers, summer campers, volunteers, participants)
  • Collegiate Activities (students, athletes, fans, volunteers, participants)
  • Health & Fitness (yogis, runners, weightlifters, gym rats, fitness enthusiasts, volunteers)

Group accident insurance is an excellent commercial insurance product that provides an extra layer of security. It can cover a wide array of typical injuries that occur on the field, in the arena, to and from events, at the premise, and/or inside the building.

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