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What's pomi? We're an acronym for peace of mind insurance and we specialize in accident and health coverage for businesses, groups and organizations. We can happily work with your broker or connect you with one of ours so you can protect what matters most.  And since we're trusted by thousands of clients across the country, you can have confidence knowing we provide proper protection should an accident occur.  From volunteers to students, athletes and other participants, pomi's got you covered.  Please note, we currently do not offer coverage for individuals and families.

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What is Group Accident Insurance?


Glad you asked.  Group accident insurance is a policy businesses, groups and organizations can purchase to help protect their participants and volunteers in the event of an injury.  Just like workmen’s comp insurance covers employees when accidents occur, an accident policy from pomi can help cover volunteers and participants.  Take a look. 

The power of pomi

Mar 4, 2022, 13:43 PM
One of Pete's gym members broke their leg after falling off the treadmill. Ouch. He went to the ER and even after using private health insurance, still had several thousands of dollars in out of pocket medical expenses. Lucky for him, and Pete, there was a group accident policy in place to help pick up the remaining expenses.
Many times situations like these can result in lengthy and expensive lawsuits. And some organizations may end up putting an accident claim on their general liability policy which usually leads to a higher premium the following year. Who wants that?
Pete has peace of mind knowing all his gym members and volunteers are covered in the event of injury. His gym members have peace of mind knowing they won't have to pay a dime out of pocket to heal. And happy customers are loyal customers!
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Yep. pomi covers that. 

Accident coverage is an extra layer of protection - a little up front helps avoid a hefty price tag later. Plus, pomi is a no-fault policy, meaning no one has to admit fault. Simply submit a claim, we'll confirm the info and poof, it's paid. Pete's situation applies to a variety of industries.  Pomi provides accident protection for all volunteers and participants.

  • A volunteer slips and falls at your non-profit.  pomi covers that!
  • A football player gets injured at the big game.  pomi covers that!
  • A dancer gets hurt at the school recital. pomi covers that!

You get the idea!  Everyone gets covered. Everyone has one less thing to worry about. Coverage for all - for one reasonable price.   

Hey, accidents happen!

That's why you need more than just general liability insurance. 
Accident and health is a critical coverage that helps injured participants with out of pocket medical expenses while protecting your organization or business from unnecessary financial strain.   It's a little dough now to avoid big headaches later.


of small businesses recognize they are exposed to risk in multiple areas

#1 cause

of major injuries is slips, trips and falls

9.2 million

children per year visit the ER for an unintentional injury


is spent on sports related emergency room visits every year

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